Could the HTC Hima be unveiled at CES?

We’ve been hearing quite a lot about the HTC Hima, the rumoured successor to the One M8, but most of those rumours indicate that the phone would be officially unveiled in March at MWC in Barcelona. Now a new leak suggests that we’ll see the phone much sooner than that. In fact we could well see it at CES next week.’s Steve Hemmerstoffer tweeted an image that indicates HTC is planning something for next week’s conference in Las Vegas, and he claims that it’s the invitation for HTC’s press event. While it’s not really an image of the Hima itself, the general design suggests that smartphones will be a key part of the agenda. If the image is legitimate of course.

To top it off also pointed out that benchmarking site AnTuTu has a page dedicated to the Hima. The site claims that the phone will indeed have a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 1080p display, a 20.7MP rear camera, and a 13MP front camera. The display size mentioned is 5-inches, but the Hima leaks have been remarkably inconsistent with the phone’s screen size so we can’t take that for granted. does have a decent track record with leaks, but we still can’t take it as absolute truth. Luckily CES is only a week away, so we’ll find out if it’s right soon enough.

Tom Pritchard