LG will debut ‘Art Slim’ TV panels at CES next week

The age of super-thin smartphones is already upon us, but we are also entering the age of super-thin TV screens. LG has announced two new TV screens that will be on display at CES next week, and they’re both a similar thickness to some smartphones.

LG is calling them ‘Art Slim’ televisions, and the two models will feature 55-inch and 65-inch displays. The size is nothing special, but the TVs are a mere 7.5mm and 8.2mm thick respectively. Some OLED panels might be thinner, but for an LCD display that’s designed for consumer use that isn’t bad going. For comparison the iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thick, and the iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm thick.

The two screens will also weigh 10.4kg and 16.2kg respectively, which LG claims allows them to be suspended by near-invisible wires.

At the moment the displays are more of a proof of concept, so that manufacturers can install them in their own televisions. LG says it has already received orders for the components from companies based in China, but didn’t specify which ones.

Presumably so it will still have something to talk about next week, LG has yet to confirm a couple of important details. That means at this point we have no idea how much the panels will cost, and what resolution they will be capable of. We do know that they will be available sometime in 2015, and a 49-inch model is planned.

Tom Pritchard