Google+ will automatically enhance your videos

Google+ has had an automatic image enhancing feature for some time, and now Google has revealed that the same feature will be enhancing videos on the service.

If you use Google+’s auto-backup feature, and you have ‘Auto Enhance’ activated in your settings, any videos uploaded to Google+ will have their lighting, colour, and stability enhanced. Google has also promised that speech enhancement is on its way. Sadly there’s no mention of whether or not these enhancements will tackle the problem of vertical videos.

As you can see from the video, the feature isn’t able to perform miracles and can’t transform a 240p video into a 1080p masterpiece. Then again the changes are very noticeable, and they do make the video look an awful lot better.

Funnily enough this unveiling comes not long after Facebook announced that photos uploaded via its iOS app would be automatically enhanced in a similar way. Coincidence? Probably.

Tom Pritchard