Amazon Prime’s 4K video content has arrived in the UK

Last month Amazon announced that its Prime Instant Video streaming service would start streaming video in ‘Ultra-HD’ 4K resolution. Now that feature has arrived in the UK, and subscribers won’t have to pay extra in order to access it.

The amount of 4K content is limited at the moment, but it does includes a number of Amazon’s original series — including Alpha House and Transparent.

Michael Paull, VP of Amazon Digital Video, said:

“We want to deliver the best entertainment experience, and offering Ultra HD movies and TV shows raises the bar on quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from Amazon. We’re also excited that Ultra HD is the latest benefit of the Amazon Prime membership, giving members instant access to great movies and TV shows in a premium picture resolution at no additional cost.”

It’s likely that Amazon is hoping to encourage some subscribers to switch over from Netflix, who charges extra for users to watch content in 4K. Of course it all relies on users have a TV capable of displaying 4K content in the first place, if you don’t have one it’s all a bit pointless trying to watch it.

















































































Tom Pritchard