Facebook will start automatically enhancing photos on iPhones

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all your poorly lit photos enhanced so they don’t look completely awful when you upload them to Facebook? In a move that mimics an existing feature on Google+, Facebook is doing just that. Provided you upload your photos from an iPhone, that is.

Next time you upload a photo through Facebook’s iPhone app you may find that your photos are automatically enhanced with adjusted light, shadows, and changes to the general clarity. Of course there is a choice involved, and you can choose to dismiss the changes or choose to have your pictures enhanced even more.

Apparently Android users can expect this feature in the near future, but according to Facebook it won’t be coming to desktops. Instead of rolling the feature out to all systems, Facebook is apparently more concerned with making poorly shot mobile photos look better for everyone.

Apparently this new feature is going live today, so now you don’t have any excuse for posting any terrible photos onto your news feed. Unless you have an Android or a Windows Phone that is.

Tom Pritchard

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