The Galaxy S6 Edge might not even happen

There have been rumours about the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S6 being released alongside a ‘Edge’ variant that has the a similar secondary curved display to the one found in the Galaxy Note 4. Now it seems that it might not happen after all.

Sammobile, the site that started the original rumour, claims that insider sources told the site that the Edge variant of the Galaxy S6 might not be happening, but there is some sort of variant on the way.

Sadly, the source didn’t clarify how different the variant would be from the vanilla Galaxy S6. It could be a different build, like a smaller version of the phone, or it could have a totally different version type of curved screen. Samsung did recently confirm that a bendable phone was on the way, so that’s always a possibility as well.

Then again this is a rumour from an anonymous source, so it might not even be true. There’s still plenty of time between now and the phone’s rumoured launch date (March sometime), so we’re bound to be hearing an awful lot more S6 speculation. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Image: Galaxy Note Edge by Alex Konrad via Forbes

Tom Pritchard