Samsung claims it’ll release a bendable phone before the year is up

It’s not even been ten days since LG announced its intention to release a completely bendable smartphone sometime next year, and already Samsung has stepped up with an update on its own plans for a bendable phone. Supposedly it’ll be arriving before 2015.

Some of you may be aware that 2015 is not very far away, in fact it’s only a mere six weeks away, and if the words of  Lee Chang-hoon, vice president of Samsung Display’s business strategic team, are to be believed then consumers will have the chance to get their hands on a bendy phone before the end of the year. And not just a phone that can bend a little bit, or a curved screen like the Note Edge, this will be a phone that can be bent in half without breaking.

This does come at a bit of a shock, and normally this sort of thing pops up in the form of a rumour or a leak first. Honestly it does seem a little far fetched to me, it doesn’t help that Lee was also quoted as saying that, “nothing has been decided on the finished product”. It seems like a stretch for Samsung to release a phone in the next six weeks if it hasn’t been finalised yet, though if they can manage it I’ll be all the more impressed.

It is possible the Lee misspoke and meant that the phone will be available before the end of next year, but that’s just me speculating. Regardless, it shows that Samsung is joining LG as another phone company willing to get into the business of bendy phones.

Personally I can’t wait. I would love to have a smartphone that I can flick open like the good ol’ flipphones from back in the day.

Tom Pritchard