The LG G4 could be the first proper flexible smartphone

Flexible smartphones are something we all want to see, it’s tech that could bring the flip phone back and into the age of the smartphone. Well LG has announced that the company’s first flexible smartphone could be released next year.

According to the company’s new roadmap, it plans on expanding its use of plastic OLED displays, like the one used in the G Watch R, into smartphones next year, and onto flexible tablets by 2016, and rollable displays in 2017.

That means the company’s next flagship, the LG G4, could well come with a flexible display when it’s (presumably) released next year. Though it is more than likely that it will be tested in less important device before rolling it out into the flagships.

Obviously, LG has dabbled with curved displays earlier this year with the G Flex, but that could hardly be described as a flexible smartphone. Whether the phone(s) LG plans to reveal next year will be truly flexible or not has yet to be seen, but it would be nice to see it become a reality.

Tom Pritchard

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