Everykey wants to replace passwords with a wearable band

Typing in a password every time you want to unlock a device is a bit of a pain, so it’s obvious that companies are trying to find a way around this. How can you do that? With a Bluetooth enabled bracelet, of course.

Everykey is currently on Kickstarter and plans to let you unlock your device simply by having the band in close proximity. It’s roughly the same shape as a Jawbone UP, has a month long battery life, and pretty much acts as a one-trick pony. That’s right, it only functions as a security device, and the only sensors inside it are used detect proximity. It works by sending an encrypted signal via Bluetooth, and can be used to unlock websites and Bluetooth enabled devices. Apps are a different story because it requires the developer to implement the Everykey SDK. As for device compatibility, Android, Linux, and OS X users are fine, but iOS devices will need to be jailbroken and Windows PCs need to run Windows 8.1 or above.

Obviously, having one band that can unlock so many different things is a bit of a security risk. It doesn’t actually store your passwords, but it is an authenticator that acts in the same way. That being said, Everykey CEO Chris Wentz has said that the device can be deactivated just like a lost credit or debit card.

If you like the idea, you can back it on Kickstarter where the creators are hoping to get funding. $50 (£32) will get you a wristband of your own next March, provided the campaign gets enough funding.

Tom Pritchard