Control your trousers and your battery life with this 2-in-1 XOO Belt

Your phone’s battery life is important, but some phones out there don’t really have the capacity to keep you going all day. One option for you is to carry around an external battery pack, but they take up valuable space in your bag/pocket. Chances are you wear a belt when you go out, so why not merge the two together?

That’s the point of the XOO Belt, it’s a hybridised gadget that solves one problem you might face by sticking it into something you already have. According the creators the belt looks, feels like, and weights the same as a regular belt. The difference is that it hides a 2,100 mAh battery, which you may realise is enough to fully charge the 1,810 mAh battery inside an iPhone 6 and have a bit left over.

The battery is flexible, and weather resistant, takes three hours to charge and transfer that charge into another device. 1,300 mAh of that battery capacity is actually stored inside the belt itself, with the final 800 mAh stored inside the (slight oversized) buckle. The cable is also set as a micro USB cable, so anyone with an iPhone will need an adapter.

Let’s be honest though, not having room in your pocket for an external battery pack is almost a textbook example of a first world problem. It would certainly look a little bit strange to see someone wandering around the street with cable stretching from their belt into their pocket. Plus external battery packs are everywhere, even in the supermarkets, and they’re pretty damn cheap. The XOO Belt is not cheap, coming in at $155 (£98) on Indigogo. It might be ever so slightly handy, but is it going to be useful enough to spend nearly £100 on? That’s up to you to decide.

Maybe if they start becoming available for less money people will actually start wearing belts again. We can only hope.

Tom Pritchard