You have the chance to vote for Britain’s national bird

2015 is going to be a big year for democracy in the UK, because we finally get another chance to set things right and put our vote to good use. That’s right, we get to decide which bird will step up and become our national avian mascot. Oh and apparently there’s a General Election as well.

Joking aside, this does seem like something fun for people to take part in. The vote itself runs in two stages, the first of which will determine the six final candidates (that’s taking place now). The other will run alongside next year’s General Election to decide which bird gets to wear the crown of victory.

The last time this sort of vote took place was in the 60s, and the humble robin emerged victorious. It’s been decided that the other birds should have the chance to usurp the robin from its throne. There are dozens to choose from, including a variety of owls, blue tits, sparrows, and (urgh) the pigeon.

You should definitely head over to the official website and get voting. Just remember, anybody who votes for the pigeon will be considered a terrible person.

Tom Pritchard