Mango Bikes unveils new, customise it for yourself, model the Curve

Mango Bikes, the budding bespoke bicycle company, has just launched its new range with the Curve single speed especially for women. It features an extra padded saddle, sturdy steel frame and curved tube top for comfortable riding in a skirt, and is aimed at commuters or student wanting to get around the city or campus with ease, style and reliability.

This bike is single speed, meaning it is useful for most leisurely activities, and is very low maintenance. With little that can go wrong, it could be ideal for someone who needs to get around quickly without being concerned about the complications of a more technical bike.

And the best bit? It’s fully customisable if you order online, so not only can you can choose a unique colour palette to reflect your own tastes, but you can hand-pick everything from the tyres to the pedals – and you can take advantage of free delivery if you order by December 15th.

The Curve is a functional, fun bike and is priced at £299.00.

Ashley Norris