21 Christmas gifts for her for under £50

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Here at ShinyShiny we’ve all been collecting together our top gift suggestions for Christmas 2014 (check out our huge collection over at our One stop Christmas shopping post), from presents for beauty lovers to fitness fans and gamers to presents for your gran. But today it’s a big one. An important one. Drum roll please… It’s the gift guide for her.

From onesies and Christmas candles through to Breaking Bad travel mugs and Star Wars origami sets, I’m pretty confident there’ll be something in here for your girlfriend, your wife, your mate, your mum, your sister or any other special lady in your life for under £50.


Galaxy Sweater

Firebox isn’t just a haven for silly stocking fillers anymore, there are a tonne of very cool gifts from gadgets through to clothing. But my top pick has to be this awesome galaxy sweater, which will be so much more exciting to open on Christmas Day than something generic and/or fairisle. You’ll have to pre-order it, but Firebox assures customers it’ll be with them by the 17th of December.

From Firebox for £39.99. 

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Knowledge is Beautiful

David McCandless is an infographic and data visualisation genius. He presents fascinating facts about us, our planet and our society in ways that are colourful, so easy-to-digest and truly beautiful. If you’re buying for someone who loves design, current affairs or just consuming news then this is an ideal coffee table gift.

From Amazon for £12.50.

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Misfit Flash Activity Tracker

I’m a huge fan of Misfit’s high-end tracker, the Misfit Shine. But the cheaper Misfit Flash is just as convenient, useful and stylish. It’s an activity tracker, so it’ll store information about the steps you’ve taken, exercise and quality of your sleep, which it serves up to the Misfit app. That round bit in the middle is the brains of the whole thing, so you don’t have to keep it in the strap, it can be worn on a belt strap, in a pocket or even on a bra, too. This would make a great present for those into fitness or keen to start moving a bit more in 2015. It comes in a range of colours, so if the fluoro print looks a little OTT, opt for the black instead.

From Boots for £49.99.

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Heisenberg Travel Mug

Ahh Heisenberg. One of the best alter egos of all time, right? If you know someone else who is/was a bit weirdly obsessed with Breaking Bad, then this would make a perfect gift.

From Urban Outfitters for £15.

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Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette

Urban Decay’s line of Naked products have become a huge cult beauty phenomenon. Now the lovely folks at Urban Decay have squeezed all of the best bits, including bronzers, shadows, lip crayons and eyeliners, into one small, travel-sized package that would make any makeup lover’s Christmas. Honestly.

From Selfridges for £37. 

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Literary Kindle Covers

I love these Kindle covers from Firebox that bring a bit of the magic of actual, real life books to the modern eReader. At the moment Firebox has Lolita, Moby Dick and On The Road in stock, so if you know someone into literary classics with a Kindle, this would be a perfect gift.

From Firebox for £17.49.

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Love Bullet Amethyst Pendant

The jewellery in Urban Outfitters is always a little bit quirkier than anywhere else, and the Love Bullet range is no exception. You can choose between a number of bullet pendants that have precious stones slotted into them. If you’re keen to get someone jewellery this year but feel a little overwhelmed by more pricey options, then this is a really good alternative.

From Urban Outfitters for £22.

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Star Wars Origami

If you’re buying for a Star Wars fan this year, then I highly recommend this origami set. Usually origami is all about peaceful cranes and boring stuff like that, but this set makes the calming paper folding practice much more enjoyable.

From Firebox for £12.99.

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Mi Back Pack in Rose Tapestry

I’ve been using a Mi back pack for a few months now and I just love their durable materials and awesome designs. This flowery pattern is great without being too ‘girly’ and the colours are just understated enough to go with lots of different outfits. A top buy for someone who carries their laptop or gadgets around with them regularly, as this one fits a 15″ laptop with plenty of room to spare.

From Urban Outfitters for £30. 

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Oh Deer Je T’aime Cushion 

If the idea of buying clothes or jewellery seems a bit daunting, then something for the home will always be a winner. This Oh Deer cushion from ASOS is super cute and ideal for a partner or relative.

From ASOS for £35.

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Urbanears Plattan Headphones

There are so many budget headphones on the market at the moment that still deliver pretty decent sound quality and don’t have too much noise leakage. But the Urbanears brand is still one of the coolest and super colourful out there. There’s a huge range of shades, but these eye-popping yellow ones would make a great statement accessory for someone stylish.

From Amazon for £41.21.

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Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set

Lush’s Snow Fairy range is fast becoming a cult cosmetics product, because it’s not sold all year round. It’s a somehow-not-at-all-sickly sweet scent that makes you smell like you’ve been bathing in marshmallows and unicorns and dreams. A really great gift for anyone into sweet scents who loves to pamper themselves, which is probably loads of people. A great safe option for people you don’t know too well but have to buy for this year, too.

From Lush for £22.50.

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Star Mug

A great gift if you’ve got a small budget but want to buy something cool and genuinely useful. This Star Mug from Firebox make look like a regular ol’ mug, but when it gets warm the constellations slowly appear and shine through the darkness.

From Firebox for £9.99.

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ASOS Fairisle Onesie

No Christmas gift guide would be complete with a onesie anymore, so here’s my favourite from ASOS. It’s sickeningly Christmassy and twee, but then again it is a onesie.

From ASOS for £35.

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Marvel Umbrella

A functional and very UK weather-friendly present for fans of the Marvel universe. A really good option for comic book lovers who wouldn’t be caught dead in Black Widow or Jean Grey cosplay.

From QT Gifts for £12.

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Filofax Saffiano in Poppy Red

The popularity of the Filofax has never really waned since it was first introduced and now with more options, colours and customisation features than ever we bet everyone will be after one come January 1st. There are all kinds of different types available, but we like the fairly class-looking Saffiano and think bright colours are always best when it comes to stationary. Filofax systems, stationary choices and diary habits are pretty personal, so tread carefully with this gift!

From John Lewis for £30.

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Black Album Frame

If you’re buying for someone who loves vinyl this year, you’re going to struggle to get a decent record player for less than £50. So instead opt for something a bit different and get some of their favourite album covers framed. At £10 a pop these frames are pretty cheap but would make such a special and personal gift if you choose the right artwork to slot inside.

From Urban Outfitters for £10.

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Fitbit Zip

Just like the Misfit Flash, the Fitbit Zip is a slightly lower end fitness tracker. The difference is the Zip can’t be worn on your wrist, so this is a great option for fitness lovers or those keen to move a bit more who would prefer pedometer-style gadgets over much more obvious wristbound ones. The great thing about the Zip is it’ll allow you to be part of the Fitbit ecosystem, which is one of the most accessible, useful and highly visual fitness apps we’ve reviewed here at ShinyShiny.

From John Lewis for £44.99.

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Ted Baker Orchard iPhone Case

The Ted Baker range of cases is always lovely to look at and this new Orchard print over on ASOS is no exception. If you know you’re buying for someone with an iPhone a great case is always a really good gift option, you know they’ll need it and use it, it’s just a case of choosing a good pattern.

From ASOS for £29.

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Lululemon Boogie Shorts

I’ve already included these floral Boogie Shorts in ShinyShiny’s Fitness Christmas Gift Guide, but I couldn’t resist adding them in again because they’re cute, functional and a really good option for people who workout often, because they can be worn at the gym, to do yoga, for spinning, any kind of indoor activity really. The Lululemon brand itself is also really popular at the moment, so you’ll be in the good books for being in the know.

From Lululemon for £42.

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Christmas Garland Yankee Candle

Remember that old saying “Everyone loves a good candle (particularly around Christmas time)”? Well, that’s because candles are the best options if you’re buying for someone you don’t know too well. And at this time of year you’ve got so many different scent options. If you really want to impress opt for one of the Yankee candle range, it’s like the most cult candle product on the market and the scents are pretty unbeatable. Go traditional if in doubt and get this deep green Christmas Garland one from House of Fraser.

From House of Fraser for £13.59.

Becca Caddy

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