Uber is launching in a third UK city, Leeds

Despite some criticism, Uber has shown that it is willing to expand its services across the UK in any way that it can. Now the company has announced that the service will be launching in its third UK city: Leeds.

According to Uber’s blog, people in Leeds will be able to use their phones to hail a ride with Uber X, the company’s lowest priced service. This is in addition to Uber services that are already available in Manchester and London.

Uber promises that taking a ride with one of its drivers will be 30-40% cheaper than using a traditional black and white taxi, and people who have never used the service before are eligible for £15 off their first trip.

Officially Uber in Leeds will be in testing mode for the next few weeks, meaning driver availability is going to be somewhat limited. Uber has, however, promised that it is working hard to get more drivers and cars on the road.


Tom Pritchard