TalkTalk is switching from Vodafone to O2 to offer 4G contracts

Since 2010 TalkTalk has relied on Vodafone’s mobile infrastructure to provide consumers with mobile contracts, now TalkTalk has announced that it’s switching its network over to O2.

The deal will see TalkTalk piggyback on O2’s mobile infrastructure, and means that the company will be able to offer its customers 3G and 4G data plans. Currently 9.5% of its 350,000 customers rely on TalkTalk for their mobile contracts, and this move is designed to allow it to build on that success into the future

TalkTalk has been around for quite some time, and is one of the few quad-play providers in the UK (i.e. offering TV, internet, phone, and mobile packages). Currently its biggest competition comes from Virgin, who offer the same services, and it’s heavily rumoured that Sky will soon be offering mobile contracts as well. With that in mind it’s hardly surprising that it wants to offer the best services possible, and offering 4G data is certainly one way to do that.

So far it’s unclear when the switch is going to take place, and when 4G contracts will be available, but at least we know that it’ll be happening sometime in the near future.

Tom Pritchard