UberPool, Uber’s car-sharing service, will launch in London before the year’s end

Uber is great isn’t it? Get yourself a lift without having to shell out a crazy amount of money for a taxi. Now that experience is set to change a little bit, because Uber has announced that it’s UberPool car-sharing service is going to launch in London before the end of the year.

So what is UberPool? Essentially it’s a system that allows an Uber driver to pick up more than one passenger at a time if the routes match. That means the cost of the drive is split between more than one passenger. Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, believes that the introducing the system will take one million cars off London’s roads, and told The Telegraph that a journey that would cost £21 in a black cab would be reduced to £6 with UberPool.

The cabbies weren’t all that happy about Uber before, and this is unlikely to put their fears to rest. Kalanick has admitted that the company is probably going to have another fight on it’s hands, even after Transport for London declared that Uber was operating within the law.

We don’t have the exact date the service is launching, or if it will expand to Manchester in the same way Uber has done.

Image from Getty Images vis The Independent

Tom Pritchard

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