Good news everyone, Android Lollipop could do away with bloatware as we know it

It doesn’t matter what phone you buy, there is always some unnecessary software in that that you can’t get rid of. Whether it’s the iPhone stocks app, OneDrive and Office on Windows Phone, or the torrent of Google apps that are included on Android. Lollipop might change all that.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Android VPs of engineering and product management mentioned that service providers will bundle in their own apps in a completely different way on Android Lollipop.

Quite simply, bloatware apps are not installed on the phone’s partition meaning they are part of the Google Play infrastructure and can be removed just like any app you installed yourself.

The downside is that any bloatware apps that are specific to your network might be installed as soon you put your SIM card into your phone. But that certainly seems to be a temporary problem. The only other issue is that it’s unclear whether the new installation system is mandatory or optional. If it’s optional then it’s a bit wasted because we’ll still be bundled with unnecessary apps that nobody wants.

Tom Pritchard