Soon your Sonos might be controlled by Android Wear

Smartwatches are starting to pop up all over the place, but we still don’t have any serious practical uses for them other than not having to pull our phones out of our pockets to check notifications. That might change now that this new app for the Moto 360 is in development.

The idea is that you’ll be listening to your Sonos player and you can control it without having to lug around a remote or unlock your smartphone everytime you want to do something. Having that power on your watch means that there’s no hassle involved.

iOS users aren’t going to miss out that much either, because it’s being reported that an experimental lock-screen widget for the iPhone is in production. It’s unclear if we’ll see a remote head to the Apple Watch, but since it’s not going to be released for quite some time then we won’t be seeing a Sonos app for a while.

So in the not too distant future you might be able to skip through any of the songs U2 forced into your music collection just by tapping your wrist.


Tom Pritchard