The Apple Watch will include a silent alarm

To actually get you up and out of bed contemporary alarm clocks are loud, seriously loud. Or at least mine is. The problem with that is that while it wakes you up from your slumber, it’s also very good at waking up other people. Wearables have come with one handy little tool to combat this, silent alarms that wake you up with vibrations rather than noise — and the Apple Watch is going to follow suit.

This piece of information comes from Jony Ive himself, who was quoted as saying:

“Just yesterday, somebody was saying, ‘Wow, do you know what I just did? I set the alarm in the morning, and it woke just me by tapping my wrist. It didn’t wake my wife or my baby,’” he recounted. “Isn’t that fantastic?”

Apparently the watch’s Taptic Engine will be utilised by the alarm clock feature and will wake you up whilst generating far less noise than a standard alarm clock. It’s the same tech that’s included in FitBit wristbands, the Pebble, and Up24.

Just one problem comes to find with this, Tim Cook himself admitted that the Apple Watch will likely need charging very night. If you have to charge your watch on a charging stand then its hardly going to be very effective at waking you up with vibrations now is it? We’ll just have to wait and see how that pans out.

Tom Pritchard