The EE Buzzard 2 makes in-car Wi-Fi easier than ever before

Earlier this year EE released the Buzzard, a device that connected to EE’s 4G network and provided your car with its own personal Wi-Fi signal. It was somewhat problematic since it came in two separate parts, making it difficult to actually plug in and store during the journey. EE has seems to have realised this, and is fixing those problems with the launch if the Buzzard 2.

Like the original, the Buzzard 2 plugs into a cigarette lighter and supports up to 10 Wi-Fi connections at any given time. The difference now is that it’s much smaller, has a lighting system that makes it easier to use, and can be used to charge USB devices.

It is slightly more expensive than the original Buzzard, costing £80 instead of £50, but you could argue that the convenience aspect makes that more than worth it. There are data plans available as well, and by opting for a £10 a month contract with 1GB of data the up-front price drops to £20. Opt for a £15 a month contract with 3GB of data and the Buzzard 2 is free.

3GB isn’t going to be enough to stream Netflix for a multi-hour journey, but it’s a handy little back-up to supplement the data you get from your phone.

Tom Pritchard