Microsoft confirms all Windows Phone 8 devices will upgrade to Windows 10

Relatively speaking, the Windows 10 launch is not that far away, and some rumours even suggest that it could be coming to phones sooner rather than later. The good news for anyone who owns, or is thinking of buying, a Windows Phone is that Microsoft has just confirmed all phones running Windows 8 will be getting an upgrade.

The confirmation came from the official Lumia Twitter account yesterday afternoon:

Previously Microsoft did annoy some Windows Phone 7 users by not allowing them to upgrade to Windows 8. Considering the company has a number of phones on the market, and doesn’t have a fantastic market share, it’s likely that it’s doing everything it can to satisfy customer needs. As it should be.

Interestingly the tweet didn’t specify that only Lumia devices would be getting an upgrade, does seem that Microsoft is trying to please all Windows Phone users — not just the ones that buy the company’s own devices.

We don’t know very much about Windows Phone 10 just yet, but we’ll keep you all updated if anything comes up.

Tom Pritchard