You can now download for blinkbox videos for offline viewing

blinkbox has just launched a new feature for iPads and Android tablets that lets users download video content from their accounts and watch it offline.

Any videos you have purchased will be downloadable on up to five devices so that you can watch them at your leisure — regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection. This also applies to rentals, although you can only download them onto a single device.

blinkbox co-founder and CEO Adrian Letts said:

“The ability to watch offline on tablets is one of the most frequently requested features and will transform the way many customers use blinkbox – whether that’s by allowing more freedom to watch what they want in the home – or taking their entertainment on the move. I am pleased that we have been able to introduce download to tablet in time for the Christmas holidays so those who want to sneak off to bed, the pub or even another country can download a movie or their latest box set obsession and take it with them to enjoy without a connection.”

This is especially useful for people who have gone out and bought DVDs and Blu rays from Tesco, because a recent deal means people who do can get a free digital copy on blinkbox without any hassle. So now that you can download blinkbox video, it means you don’t have to worry about being ripping the video from your discs and loading them onto your tablet.


Tom Pritchard

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