This is Apple’s first advert for Beats

Apple bought Beats earlier this year, and ever since things have been remarkably quiet. Thanks to some leaks we knew that some new Beats Solo headphones were on the way, and now we actually get to see the very first advert for Beats Solo2.

The ad itself features a large number of celebrities all wearing a pair of the new Beats Solo2 headphones, with the entire thing shot from the perspective of a phone’s front camera. That’s right, this advert is all about selfies for some reason and #SoloSelfie seems to be the main focus of the video itself.

If I were to guess I’d say it’s some sort of campaign to encourage people to share photos of themselves wearing the headphones when they buy themselves a pair.

Interestingly the advert itself doesn’t even try to capitalise on the fact that Beats is now part of the Apple family, keeping the focus entirely on the headphones. Heck there isn’t even an Apple logo anywhere on the headphones themselves as far as I can see. But it could just be that Apple is leaving Beats to do its own thing at the moment, which, from a business perspective, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

You can see the advert in its entirety below.

Tom Pritchard

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