Tesco is offering free digital movies if you buy them on disc

In this day and age only having a film on DVD or Blu-ray isn’t good enough, because you can’t play those on a smart device. The problem is that companies make it incredibly difficult to rip the discs to your computer, even if you have no intention of distributing them online. That’s where digital copies come into the fold, and Tesco has announced that any disc bought in store will receive a free digital copy.

Unfortunately it’s not just a free copy that you can download and do with as you please, instead you get the digital version stored in your Blinkbox account for viewing later. The system means Blinkbox is tied to Ultraviolet, a system that already offers digital versions of films when you buy them, allowing you to stream, download, and manage your Ultraviolet library from a number of devices — including the Hudl 2.

It’s certainly nice for this system to have been put in place by a major supermarket chain like Tesco, especially since DVDs and Blu-rays aren’t guaranteed to come with a digital copy when you buy them. The fact that it’s linked to an established system is also a plus because it means that people aren’t using multiple accounts to watch their film and TV collections.

The service is available right now, and all you need is an account for both Ultraviolet and Blinkbox. Once you link them you can get to it, and start streaming.


Tom Pritchard

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