The new Where Are You app means you’ll never lose your friends

A new app is designed to make travelling with friends and family easier and safer. Where Are You, which is free to download for both iOS and Android, uses SMS data to show where your people are. So whether you’ve lost sight of them on the motorway or can’t find the remote Cotswolds cottage they rented, you’ll know exactly where to find them. (Plus if they’ve claimed to have already set off but their tendency to lateness leaves you unconvinced, you’ll be able to confirm your suspicions. Fun!)

While the focus is UK travel, it can also be used if you’re overseas, and it’s a much more cost-effective option than using data roaming to call or email. It’s a good way to coordinate a group of people, and your friends don’t have to have the app for you to find them, they just need to give permission for it to use info from their text messages. I’m guessing it would also be pretty useful on nights out when you grab a drink and lose track of your mates, given the acoustics in pubs and clubs…

You don’t have to register to use it, and all data taken is anonymous and location info only stored temporarily, so its makers coANDco say it’s safe and confidential to use. If you’re heading somewhere soon or just want to try it out at home, check out the Where Are You app website for more info or to download.

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Diane Shipley