Leaked specs indicate that the Nexus 9 may have microSD storage

There are a lot of advantages to owning a Nexus device, such as stock Android, premium specs without the premium price, and an al-round great piece of kit. One thing the Nexus devices haven’t been so good at is including microSD expansion. That might be about to change, however.

Yesterday Forbes corroborated the rumours that the Nexus 9 would be announced on the 15th October (that’s today!), along with a list of spcs and features the device will have. Among them was the much requested microSD expansion.

According to Forbes’s sources, both the rumoured 16GB Wi-Fi, and 32GB 4G models will come with expandable storage, which is great because 16GB isn’t enough space these days and cloud storage isn’t always an option. Sadly the outlet wasn’t clear on whether or not the Nexus 6 will have expandable memory, though recent rumours have indicated that it will not.

The good thing is that if this rumour is even remotely true, we should only have to wait a few hours to find out. It would be a wise move to get the announcements out the way today considering Apple is expected to announce new iPads tomorrow.

Image: Android Police

Tom Pritchard