Headphones with light-up cat ears have been created. What a time to be alive

We seem to have been talking a lot about cats recently on shinyshiny, what with clutches that look like cats and hilarious viral videos of cats, but these cat ear Axent Wear headphones are too bizarre to not have featured.

Started by two UC Berkeley alumni, the idea, for these headphones that have cat ears with built-in speakers, was to create something that had never been pioneered before. For good reason, it seems to us. Oh, and did we mention that the headphones light up in either blue, purple, red or green?

What’s even weirder about these headphones is that they’ve managed to sell like hot cakes! The team need at least $250,000 to pay for the cost of everything that’s needed to produce the headphones, and, to date, they’ve managed to smash their target, raising almost $832K! So, expect to see people on the tube wearing these monstrosities in the near future.

If you want to look like a light-up cat, you can pre-order the headphones for $150 in blue, red, green, purple or a one of a kind pair in changing LED colours for a bargain price of $10,000 (no, we haven’t miscounted the zeroes) on Axent Wear’s Indiegogo page.

Hayley Minn