Reports say the new iPad will be released on the 24th October

Tomorrow’s big event is where everyone is expecting Apple to unveil the brand new iPads and unleash them upon the world. That event hasn’t even happened yet and we’re already hearing rumours that the devices in question will be released on 24th October.

This information comes from a source speaking to MacRumours who claims that Apple has already started shipping “mass quantities” of the devices to the US. Which device it is is unclear, but the source believes that it’s either the iPad Air 2, the updated iPad Mini, or both.

The 24th does seem like an obvious choice, it’s on a Friday like many Apple launches from years gone by, and it’s a relatively short time after the announcement. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for pre-orders though, presumably if this rumour is true pre-orders would open relatively soon after the initial unveiling.

While MacRumours claims the source has been right about things like this in the past, it’s still unverified which means we shouldn’t take it is absolute fact. But we don’t have very long to wait seeing as the event is tomorrow.

Tom Pritchard