New Fitbit Charge and Charge HR images leaked (and they look AWESOME)

The Fitbit team recalled its high-end Force wristband earlier this year (amidst claims that it caused a nasty rash on some people’s arms), so it was only a matter of time before details of the brand’s next new wearables were released. Take a look at the Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR above.

Gizmodo exclusively got hold of these leaked images of both the Charge and the Charge HR from an anonymous tipster. And it’s one hell of a great leaked image, because not only do we get a peek at the new devices, we can also see their specs and how they measure up to the brand’s current flagship device: the flex.

The Charge looks just like the Force, but presumably without the skin-irritating materials built-in. It tracks steps, calories that have been burned and displays stats and the time on a mini screen. However, the Charge HR introduces a brand new selling point for the Fitbit brand because it can track your heart rate. This will make it one of the few activity trackers on the market that doesn’t require a chest strap or additional tech to keep an eye on your pulse.

We’ve got no more official details about price or release date just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


Becca Caddy


  • how do they look awesome? There is noting exceptional when compared to the Flex and the Force. They are still not getting the design part of the equation. And they refuse to support HealthKit on iOS. Jawbone has an opportunity to take over.

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