Will Omate’s Lutetia be the ultimate wearable smartwatch for women?

It’s a discussion we’ve had time and time again here at shinyshiny HQ: Are the recent wearable releases REALLY designed with women in mind? The square faces, huge chunky straps and dull designs would suggest no. Well, meet the Lutetia. Designed by women and for women, this shiny gadget aims to be the ultimate smartwatch for the early-adopting female market. But will it just be a bit too style over substance?

Take a look at the fancy-named Lutetia in all its glory above. According to Engadget, the device is produced by Omate and comes in three colours (rose gold, gold and silver) in stainless steel with a slinky beaded effect strap. Like the brand’s Omate X, the new wearable is powered by MediaTek’s Aster MT2502 platform, which means it can be paired with both Android and iOS devices and its battery will last a whole week.

If you’re a bit sick of every other tech publication solely focusing on how this new smartwatch looks (*puts hand up hurriedly*), then you might be a bit disappointed to find out Lutetia isn’t a standalone device, but then again few smart watches on the market are. Having said that, the Lutetia will notify you of everything going on on your phone, as well as housing a built-in pedometer, stopwatch, timer and a range of voice control features.

We’ll have to review the Lutetia ourselves here at shinyshiny before we can make any judgements about whether it truly is a capable smartwatch and whether it truly appeals to women. But right now I must admit I’m a little torn. It’s great to see the female market being properly considered by a smartwatch brand, but the style just seems a little too OTT, as if loads of dudes have been asked what kind of thing women like ‘ermmm… beady things and ermmm… gold, right’ when really we all play sport, want a durable device and need something that fits all scenarios – just like men do.

You can pre-order a Lutetia from the Omate website for $169 now.

Becca Caddy

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