A Microsoft smartwatch could arrive in the next few weeks

Everyone and their cat is making a wearable these days and those who don’t most likely will within a relatively short period of time. Microsoft falls into the latter category, so when Forbes reported that we would be seeing a Microsoft smartwatch in the next few weeks it hardly came as a surprise.

The site claims that the move is to counter Apple and Google’s own wearable plans, and will involve a smartwatch “that will passively track the wearer’s heart rate and work across several mobile platforms.” The cross-compatibility would, of course, be a vital part in ensuring the watch is successful — especially given that Windows Phone is nowhere near as popular as Android and iOS.

Sources close to the project claim that the device will have two full days of battery life, and will be released in time for the Christmas shopping rush. This in itself was to give the company a boost and get the device out before Apple’s “early 2015” Apple Watch release window .

Do we really need another smartwatch though? True it’s not very common to find one that’s compatible with all three mobile systems, but there are so many smartwatches and fitness trackers on the market right now it’s not surprising some people are getting a bit sick of them.

Tom Pritchard

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