The Fitbit Surge could be a fitness-focussed smartwatch

Fitbit are looking to being rather busy at the moment, what with the leaks that unveiled the Charge and the Charge HR fitness trackers. Now it seems that Fitbit are moving away from the idea of a fitness tracker that tells the time, to a watch designed for tracking fitness with the Fitbit Surge.

According to marketing materials leaked to The Verge, the Surge is going to be billed as a ‘fitness superwatch’ and will come bundled with GPS and Pure-Pulse heart rate monitoring. Also included will be the usual fitness tracking features like step counts and sleep monitoring, as well as the usual things that you’d find bundled with a smartwatch like notifications and music control.

All of the features we know and love from Fitbit devices, plus the extras, will be controlled via the Fitbit app.

The Surge is reportedly going to cost $255 (£155 directly converted), and will come in choice of black, slate, or tangerine colours. There’s no release date as of yet, but with marketing materials this fully formed it shouldn’t be that long before we see this thing in the flesh.

Tom Pritchard

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