Fitbit has unveiled the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge fitness trackers

We’ve heard the rumours and seen the leaks, but now we get to see the real thing because Fitbit has announced three new fitness trackers that will be made available in the coming months: The Charge, Charge HR, and the Surge.

They won’t all be coming out at the same time, however. The Charge is set to come out next month on the 17th November, whereas the Charge HR and the Surge won’t be available until “early 2015”.

The Charge appears to be a replacement for the recalled Fitbit Force that we were promised a few months back. It’s a fitness tracker that you wear all the time so that it can monitor your activity levels much like other Fitbit devices. It also tells the time, and can link to a smartphone to inform you of an incoming call as well as telling you who it is. It’s water resistant rather than waterproof, has a seven day battery life, and has updated sleep monitors to help you better understand and analyse your sleep pattern.

The Charge HR offers everything the Charge does, with the added bonus of a built-in heart rate monitor so that you can get a more accurate reading of how had you’re working and how many calories you’re actually burning. It also comes with a proper watch strap rather than the clasp that comes with other Fitbit devices like the Charger and the Flex. The only downside is that these extra features reduce the battery life from seven days to five.

The Surge is another step up, offering everything in the Charge HR and more. Fitbit are describing the Surge as a ‘fitness super watch’ because it offers the very best fitness tracking technology Fitbit has along with a number of features that you’d normally find on a smartwatch. These features includes a seven day battery life GPS tracking, notification alerts, music control, and a touch-screen LCD display that includes customisable watchfaces. Fitbit claims that the systems in the Surge will give users the most advanced tracking there is in the thinnest design currently on the market.

The Charge will cost £99.99 and will be available in black, slate, blue, and burgundy. The Charge HR will cost £119.99 and will be available in black, plum, blue, and tangerine. The Surge will cost £199.99 and will be available in black, blue, and tangerine.

Tom Pritchard

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