The Windows 9 Tech Preview might not arrive until October

There’s been talk that Microsoft would be launching the Windows 9 Tech preview on the 30th September at its ‘Future of Windows‘ event, but now rumour is that we won’t be seeing that until October.

The information comes from Paul Thurrott, and while we don’t know when in October. It could be the 1st, or it could be the 31st. So the extra wait could be anything from a day to a month. The fact that we don’t really know is irritating, but it could be worse I guess.

Thurrott’s report also corroborated the rumour that Windows 9’s update cycle will be a lot faster than previous versions, saying:

Microsoft has created a new Windows Insider Preview Program so that users can get more frequent preview builds and provide feedback to the company.

Once you’ve signed up, you can use the Windows Feedback app to navigate through a menu of top-level choices (Recent Applications, Apps and Windows Store, Hardware and Devices, Download and Install, Internet Explorer, and so on) and then fine-tune it further (Mail, Maps, Messaging, Movie Moments, Music, etc.). You can search to see whether other Insiders have given similar feedback, add more details to that feedback, or start your own, adding text and screenshots as needed.

That’s pretty good news, meaning any features that people aren’t happy about won’t be that way for very long and people won’t have to wait more than two years for a start menu.


Tom Pritchard