Microsoft will unveil the next version of Windows on 30th September

There have been rumours that Microsoft would be unveiling the newest version of Windows on 30th September, but now that the company has sent out invitations it’s official.

Taking place in San Francisco, Microsoft is expected to be showing off project Threshhold, aka Windows 9, and since the invite mentions that Microsoft will be telling us about what’s next for Windows that seems like a distinct possibility. Although that’s likely not the only focus for the event.

Assuming that Microsoft is unveiling Windows 9, it’s more than likely that the Tech Preview will be released soon afterwards. That definitely makes sense since it’s been rumoured that Microsoft was looking for a late September/early October release date for the software.

Windows 9 is a more than welcome addition to the Windows family, especially with how appalling Windows 8 has been. Let’s just hope Microsoft doesn’t ruin the start menu in it’s triumphant return.

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Tom Pritchard

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