The Buddy Check app may mean you never lose your friends on a night out again (as long as everyone has an iPhone)

You know when you find an app that makes you think it’s solved all the world’s problems (or just your own problems)? That’s just happened for us, with Absolut Vodka’s Buddy Check.

Buddy Check uses GPS to pinpoint your friends’ exact locations on nights out and sends alerts when a member of the group has crossed a virtual geofence, so you’ll never have to have a rubbish night trying to find the one who’s escaped in a drunken state or fallen asleep on the toilet again (usually me).

Buddy Check works by a group of friends all downloading and activating the app, which allows the whole group of friends to pair the devices and see each other’s location. Throughout the night, the app will start asking you to do a ‘Buddy Bump’ where you need to find a specific person and tap each other’s phone together. If you are able to fulfil the task within the allotted time, you will be awarded points.

The Buddy Check app also has a feature called Buddy Message, that enables you to send messages to your friend (even though there’s this thing called text, where you could do that anyway) and, although made by a vodka brand, the app also gives you tips on making sure you don’t get too drunk, like reminding you to drink water.

The app is available for free at the App Store, so, as long as all your friends have an iPhone, you’re fine, but you just know it’ll be that one person with an Android phone who you lose.

Hayley Minn