Microsoft has doubled the amount of free OneDrive storage

It’s mostly been a big time for Apple, what with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, but there’s one thing that will remain as a black mark on the company’s reputation for a very long time: the iCloud breach. It certainly didn’t do Apple any favours in terms of consumer confidence, and the fact that it’s happened again won’t help matters.

Well Microsoft might well be taking advantage of that, because it’s just doubled the amount of free OneDrive storage a person can have. Provided you sign up before the end of the month you will get 30GB of storage instead of the usual 15GB. Great deal huh?

Mirosoft has admitted that iOS 8 is a factor in making this decision, probably because the update takes up nearly 5GB of space, and said “For those getting ready to install iOS 8, this means you won’t have to delete a bunch of photos or apps to make room for the upgrade”.

iCloud itself might have been the best option for iPhone users, and even if the recent security breaches didn’t play a part the fact that Apple only offers 5GB of storage is a downside. Microsoft is offering six times that without charge. You’d be a fool not to seriously consider it.

Tom Pritchard