Visa says Apple Pay is unlikely to launch in the UK this year

When we first heard about Apple Pay in Tuesday night Apple revealed that it will launch in the US next month, but Apple wasn’t particularly open about international launch dates other than the fact that it was working very had to ensue they would happen. Well according to Visa we shouldn’t expect to see Apple Pay in this country until next year at the very earliest.

Pedro Sousa, head of Visa’s mobile proposition has said that he isn’t expecting the service to launch in any European territories until next year, and told TechRadar that they don’t have any concrete dates planned out just yet.

He did, however, reiterate that the recent iCloud breach was no cause for concern with Apple Pay because financial information isn’t stored on the device itself, nor is it stored on Apple’s servers.

It’s likely that Apple Pay is not likely to launch in Europe until next year due to the fact that Apple has yet to sign any partnerships the way it has done in the US. What’s the point in having a mobile payment system is no one is going to accept it. Until the time that it is available, we’ll just have to make do with PayPal, Google Wallet, or the countless other mobile wallets that are available.

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Tom Pritchard

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