Samsung reveals the UK release date for the Galaxy Note 4

Yesterday we revealed that it is possible to pre-order the Galaxy Note 4 right now and it indicated that the Galaxy note 4 would be released around the 13th October. Today Samsung has revealed an exact release date for the upcoming phone, it will actually be getting released in the UK on the 10th October. That is excellent news, especially since pre-orders will open tomorrow.

That’s not all, Samsung is also running a promotion in the US that will see them give people who trade in “any working smartphone” between September 19th and October 16th a guaranteed $200 of trade-in credit. Now we don’t know if that’s going to be on offer internationally, or even what the exact details are (the page explaining the deal has now been taken down), but $200 for any working smartphone? Sounds like an absolute steal.

Samsung has a lot of competition from the iPhone 6, especially now that Apple has revealed that four million devices were pre-ordered in the first 24 hours of sale, so any advantage it can grab onto is going to be needed if it wants to stay ahead.

Are you all excited? In a month’s time you could well be reading this on your shiny new Galaxy Note 4. Sadly there’s no word on the Galaxy Note Edge just yet

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Tom Pritchard

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