Apple and U2 are reportedly working together to help ‘bolster music sales’

After teaming up with U2 to give away its new album (a team up that involved paying them lots of money), it turns out Apple isn’t quite done with the Irish rock band just yet. According to reports, both U2 and Apple are working together n a new secret project that is designed to ‘Bolster music sales’. Whatever that means.

Details are scarce, but Bono has gone on record to say that he is developing a new music format that will encourage people to buy full albums once again. We just don’t know anything else so we can’t tell if Bono has something great in the pipeline, or if he’s talking out of his backside as always.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, and how it fits into Apple’s plans for the Beats Music streaming service. Tim Cook himself admitted that part of the reason Apple acquired Beats was because of the strength of its streaming service, which would seem to go against Bono’s new idea.

Let’s just hope that this new plan does not involve forcing people to listen to U2 until they pay to make it stop.

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Tom Pritchard