One billion Android devices with Qualcomm processors have shipped

Anyone who pays attention to the hardware specs of phones will be well aware of who Qualcomm are. The company’s Snapdragon processors appear in hardware specifications more often than not, especially in flagships and budget devices, meaning it definitely seems to do quite well for itself. Well it seems it has done very well, because as of yesterday one billion devices have shipped with Qualcomm processors.

The announcement was made by Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf at the company’s uplink conference in San Francisco, and you can’t not be impressed. One billion processors is an awful lot of processors.

It’s not exactly been easy, as Android and Me points out, every hardware company under the sun has fought to get their own hardware into as many Android devices as possible including the like of Samsung and Intel. Of course, a focus on the budget market certainly helped Qualcomm reach this landmark goal.

So next time you go looking up the guts of a smartphone or tablet and you see that name, you know you’re probably going to be in good hands.

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Tom Pritchard