A homeless charity sold off a place in the iPhone 6 queue for £570

What would you give to be fifth in the queue outside London’s Regent Street Apple Store? £100? £200? £500? Well as it turns out a number of people are willing to pay to not have to queue, and homeless charity Depaul took full advantage of that by auctioning off places in the queue to raise awareness and money for Britain’s homeless population.

The winner would receive the place provided they were wearing a Depaul t-shirt, further emphasising that this wasn’t just a way to raise money, it was to raise awareness of the charity.

The charity reps in the queue were just volunteers, rather than being homeless themselves, but I feel it would have made an extra impact if they were homeless. It could have helped to show the people in the queue that they could go home anytime they liked, there are people in the world who have to live like that all the time. Actually seeing such people there would probably help that to sink in a bit.

It seems a bit mental to pay such a high amount of money just for a place in the queue, especially since it’s more than the cheapest iPhone 6 model, but it’s all for a good cause so I suppose that makes it ok right?

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Tom Pritchard

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