A new Mac Mini might be announced next month

It’s been two years since Apple released a new version of the Mac Mini, and while we’ve heard rumours every now and again but none of them have ever made it past the rumour stages. Now another one has popped up, claiming that an updated Mac Mini will be unveiled at the same time as the iPad Air 2, assumed to be next month.

That’s according to sources speaking to Mac Rumours, and if other rumours are true then there won’t be a new iPad Mini revealed at the same time, and given how tablets sales are falling it would make sense for Apple to unveil something other than an updated iPad Air.

We don’t know what will be in the new Mac Mini, if it even exists, but presumably it will not come with Intel’s Broadwell chips which are not due to be put into service until sometime early next year.

It’s still a rumour for the time being, and it could turn out to be untrue. But we should find out some time in the next few weeks.

Tom Pritchard