This could be the first budget Windows 8.1 tablet

Windows computers and tablets generally aren’t very cheap. They’re not expensive either, but licencing costs will inevitably mean budget isn’t really an option. That could all change relatively soon, however if these pictures of a Chinese Windows tablet are real.

The pictures came from the forums of Chinese tablet manufacturer Pipo, and showcase the Pipo Work-W4 which seems to be a relatively basic Windows tablet powered by Intel. Supposedly it will cost £49 before taxes and transportation costs.A spokesperson for the company said that the device is still just a concept, an the specs could change at sometime in the future.

What we do know for now is that the device might have 32GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. While it’s bound to be working on Windows 8.1, it’s unclear whether it will come with an Office 365 subscription like other, similar, Windows tablets.

Chances are it won’t be overly impressive, but if this tablet makes it to the UK in the near future it could be a good cheap alternative to carrying around a laptop. Provided it isn’t terrible, of course.

Tom Pritchard