We may not see the new iPad Mini until next year

So far the rumours have indicated that Apple will be making another wave of announcements some time next month, and the new versions of the iPad will be amongst them. Sadly reports indicate that the third generation iPad Mini won’t be seen until after Christmas.

According to the Commercial Times in Taiwan, sources within the supply chain have told them of this news, but failed to specify any reasons why. It doesn’t make much sense, since every rumour we’ve heard so far has told us otherwise. Then again all rumours are unverified and we shouldn’t take any of them as absolute fact.

The current consensus is that the iPad and iPad Mini will be announced the the world on October 21st, although sources have disputed this. However, those sources haven’t provided any evidence so we don’t have much reason to believe it.

Truth be told we’re not actually going to find out until Apple send out the invites and Tim Cook actually goes on stage to show us what’s going on.

Tom Pritchard

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