Reports say the Apple Watch will have fairly average specs

If the iPhone 6 has shown us anything, it’s that Apple isn’t really interesting in matching the hardware specs offered by the competition. That might be different with the Apple Watch, because reports say the basic model will come with 512MB if RAM and 4GB of storage — the same as the Samsung Gear S and the Moto 360.

It’s worth pointing out that this information has come from an analyst, and if the run up to the launch of the iPhone 6 showed us anything it’s that analysts generally don’t have any way to back up their sources. Then again considering how early we are in the smartwatch business, it would make sense that the Apple Watch’s specs are similar to what’s already available.

The report also suggests that multiple models of the Apple Watch will be available, one of which will have 8GB of internal storage. The wireless chip inside will apparently be similar to the one found in the iPhone 5S, but won’t come with GPS capabilities — if true, this means that the Apple Watch will be reliant on the iPhone for any GPS-based apps.

Obviously these details haven’t been confirmed by Apple, and since we don’t know where it came from we can’t put any faith in it being 10% true. But if the iPhone 6 launch window was anything to go by we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Apple Watch in the next few months.

Tom Pritchard