The latest Samsung advert trolls the iPhone 6 with a Steve Jobs quote

Samsung’s adverts have a bit of a track record when it comes to firing shots at Apple, arguably its biggest rival in the smartphone business. Who can forget the airport adverts that referred to iPhone users as wallhuggers? In any case, the aftermath of the iPhone 6 reveal was the ideal time for snarky adverts to pop up and take a few cheap shots at Apple’s new devices and Samsung was not willing to pass up that opportunity.

Using a quote from Steve Jobs declaring that nobody wants to buy a big phone, Samsung not-so-subtly mocks the fact that Apple has had a turn around on the marketability of larger, phablet-style, smartphones. It’s almost as if Steve Jobs was not omniscient, and couldn’t actually predict where the market was heading in the years to come. If you’ll remember Steve Jobs was also adamantly against the idea of a smaller tablet, but the iPad Mini has done rather well for itself.

But this is the world of mobile technology. Let’s just be happy they’re not suing each other for once. [ITProPortal]

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Tom Pritchard