Even Tim Cook is calling the Apple Watch ‘iWatch’

Over the past decade or so, Apple has been fairly consistent with how it names its gadgets. Virtually all of Apple’s mini gadgets that are available to buy right now have the ‘i’ prefix: iPod, iPhone, iPad and so on. In fact that only one that doesn’t is Apple TV (even though it was announced as ‘iTV’). So you can imagine that Apple announcing its smartwatch as the ‘Apple Watch’ came as a surprise to some. Why not iWatch? Does someone else own the rights to that name? We don’t know really, but we can assume that it was a popular name internally because even Tim Cook is calling it that.

In an interview with ABC news about manufacturing Apple products in the US, Tim Cook accidentally referred to the Apple Watch as the iWatch. If Apple’s own CEO gets a bit confused about the gadget’s name, then the rest of us are off the hook if we ever get it wrong (I know I have). You can watch the offending clip below:

[ABC News via BGR]

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Tom Pritchard