The first leaked image of Motorola’s ‘Shamu’ device appear online

Yesterday we saw some mock-ups of Motorola’s upcoming phablet, codenamed ‘Shamu’, that may or may not be the new Nexus phone. Today we actually get to see what is supposed to be pictures of the thing, and it is as huge as the mock-ups suggested.

Shown next to LG’s G3 handset, it really shows off how large this thing really is. We all knew a 5.92-inch display was a lot, but it certainly puts it into perspective seeing it dominate over the G3’s 5.5-inch offering.

Interestingly this phone seems to have a Motorola logo is prominently centred in the middle. This is a little strange because previous Nexus devices focus more on the Nexus branding rather than the makers of the phone. If this really is Shamu, could it be that this isn’t the Nexus 6/X after all? Could it be Motorola’s own in-house phablet? It’s possible that this could be a prototype that doesn’t come with the Nexus branding, but it’s still fairly interesting that its missing.

Google is expected to be announcing the new Nexus devices in mid-October, so if the Shamu is the new nexus phone we should be hearing about it then. If it’s not, then considering how complete the process is we might be hearing about it soon anyway.

Tom Pritchard