Instagram teams up with Herb Lester to create the ultimate insider city guides

The great thing about the Instagram community is that its dedicated, snap-happy members often provide us all with a unique insight into their hometowns or cities. From a piece of street art you’d only spot if you walked down that particular side alley to a coffee shop that’s so far off the beaten track but hands-down has the best (and most Instagrammable) flat whites around, Instagram can be an amazing guide to an area, city or country you’ve never visited before. Actually scrap that, I even find restaurants and cute little shops only a few streets away through thorough Instagram research!

Well Herb Lester Associates, creators of boutique city guides, clearly realised the amazing potential of the creative Instagram community as it’s teamed up with the app to produce a number of new city guides. The city guides feature some of the most popular and creative Insta-photographers from Berlin, Paris and… yep… London who have all spilled the beans about the top places to visit and Instagram in their city.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the London guide and taking a stroll around our beloved city through someone else’s eyes. It’ll also be a great excuse for us to take a trip to Paris AND Berlin. All in the name of work research, of course.

Visit Herb Lester for info about the guides and get ready to catch one helluva travel bug!




Becca Caddy